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Impermissible Behavioral Interventions for Special Education Students:

1. Any intervention that is designed to, or likely to, cause physical pain, including, but not limited to, electric shock.

Suspensions Affecting a Student's Placement

The Office of Administrative Hearings has previously held that a district may suspend a child with a disability who violates a code of student conduct from his current placement for not more than 10 school days in the same manner and under the same conditions that it would suspend a nondisabled student. (34 C.F.R. ยง 300.530(d)(3)).

Manifestation Determination

When a special education student is suspended for disciplinary reasons for more than 10 days, the suspension constitutes a change of placement. Relevant members of the IEP team must meet to determine whether the student's conduct was a manifestation of his disability. That determination must take place within 10 school days of the decision to change the placement.

Parental Participation

The IDEA imposes upon the school district the duty to conduct a meaningful IEP meeting with parents. (W.G. v. Bd. of Trustees of Target Range Sch. Dist., 960 F.2d 1479, 1485 (9th Cir. 1992); Fuhrmann v. East Hanover Bd. of Educ., 993 F.2d 1031, 1036 (3d Cir. 1993)).

Language and Speech Services:

Language and Speech (LAS) services can be beneficial for students with a unique need in the areas of expressive language, receptive language, pragmatic language and articulation, just to name a few. Often times in IEP meetings an initial discussion will occur as to whether or not a student is exhibiting a need which necessitates LAS services within the school environment.

Is my child making academic progress?

The first step in determining whether or not your child's current educational placement and program is appropriate, is to consider whether or not he/she is progressing within his current setting. Often times the first step that a School District will look to determine whether or not a particular student is progressing is by considering whether or not that student has met his/her annual goals. However, there is an even more fundamental place to start when determining whether or not a student is actually making appropriate progress.

Compliance Complaints

What options are available if a school district is not implementing your child's IEP? Some parents find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having fought for their child's educational rights and obtained appropriate services for their child, only to have the school subsequently fail to implement those services.

Related Services

Following the determination of an appropriate educational placement, there will likely be a discussion regarding the related services which a student may require. This is another area which can be confusing for parents, given the wide variety of specific related services. Below is a brief outline of possible related services which a student's unique needs may allow them to qualify for:

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