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Providing Consent To Your Child's IEP

Following an IEP meeting members of the IEP team will generally ask a parent to consent to the IEP in its entirety. Oftentimes, parents will feel pressured to sign the IEP immediately or risk alienating members of the IEP team. A good option that parents in this situation have is to simply state that they would like to take time to review the written IEP document as a whole, to ensure that they do not have any additional questions or concerns. The IEP document is what governs your child's educational plan, and simply requesting additional time to review the document in its entirety is a complete reasonable request.

Baseline in the IEP: A Good Starting Point

Your child currently has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). How do you know if his or her new goals are appropriate? The first step is to look at his or her present levels of performance. This gives you his or her baseline to create new goals.

Understanding the IEP Process

     Every parent who attends an IEP meeting is simply looking to obtain an educational placement that is appropriate for their child, and will allow their child to make substantive progress throughout the school year. However, the IEP process can also be very stressful and confusing. What all parents should be aware of in preparing for an IEP meeting, is that the burden is on the school district to provide a Free and Appropriate Public Education ("FAPE") for all children. Not only must the educational placement be appropriate, but it also must be qualify as a clear written offer of placement. (Union Sch. Dist, v Smith, (9th Cir. 1994), 15 F.3d 1519.)

Always Put It In Writing

You may think that your child needs special education services, but don't exactly know how to get the ball rolling. The initial step is a request for an assessment from the school of attendance. As a parent, you may have already mentioned to your child's classroom teacher that you "wanted some extra help" for your child, or that you wanted to "get him tested." This is not sufficient.

Do I Have To Sign This IEP?

You just had your child's IEP, and a bunch of information was thrown out there by multiple professionals over the course of a couple of hours. The school district administrator is now asking you to sign the place in the IEP document which indicates that you consent to the IEP. What do you do? Is it ok not to sign it?

What Happens To Special Ed Services When I Move?

Many parents wonder what happens to the special education services for their children when they move. If you move within the same school district, just make sure to provide the school district with your new address, and also supply your child's IEP to the new school, if they are to attend a new home school.

Am I Supposed To Understand This Offer of FAPE?

Have you ever been in this situation: Your child has an IEP meeting, and you attend, sitting there patiently for hours while different people tell you how your child is doing. You ask a few questions, and the IEP team may or may not answer them. Then, at the end of the meeting, the IEP team makes their grand "Offer of a free and appropriate public education." However, their offer is not quite specific as to how many times a week your child will be receiving services, or who will be providing them, or how they will be provided, or even how long they will be provided. When you try to ask for specifics, the IEP team says that they are keeping it within a range in order to allow for flexibility, or gives you some other excuse.

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