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What Age Do I Start Thinking About Special Education Services?

When your child turns three years old their resident school district becomes the responsible entity for providing any necessary special education and related services. Local school districts have a duty under "Child Find" to seek out children with suspected disabilities, but as a parent you should not sit around and wait for this to happen. If you suspect your child has an applicable disability get them assessed by their local school district prior to turning three years old so services are in place by the time they turn three.

Does My Child Have a Vision Problem?

Perfect vision does not simply mean that your child can see 20/20. Vision is the ability to take in visual information, process it, and understand what it means. It includes eyesight, tracking objects, how well the eyes work together, and focus. It includes color vision, depth perception, and peripheral vision. The standard eye chart in the doctor's office, or the school's routine vision screening only tests how well a child can recognize a black letter against a white background from 20 feet away. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Signs of Possible Sensory Integration Issues

Sensory integration refers to the way that we perceive, process, and respond to the world. A problem with sensory integration can affect any part of that chain of events and ultimately lead to problems with learning. However, it may be difficult to detect a possible sensory integration issue because it is often masked as behaviors that can be mistaken for attention deficit disorders, or even as noncompliance.

Assessment Timelines Stop During Some School Breaks

Whenever there is a request made for a special education assessment of a child (psycho-educational, speech & language, occupational therapy, etc.), a school district is required by CA state law to abide by certain timelines with respect to a response to that request.

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