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My Child Is Being Expelled: What Can I Do?

The situation seems hopeless. Your child was suspended for a violation of CA Education Code Section 48900, most likely for 5 days. To make matters worse, you were called into a meeting with the principal and other school personnel, and you were told that your child is being recommended for expulsion from the school district. You were given a date where an expulsion hearing would take place, and told you could have someone there to represent you and your child, but really what can anyone do?

Charter Schools: Are They Better For Kids In Special Education?

You may be thinking about enrolling your child into a charter school. Parents in a parent group you're in, or maybe even friends or family have their children in charter schools, and they rave about how well those kids are doing. Charter schools can boast smaller learning environments, better teacher to student ratio, smaller campuses and more teacher and staff availability to parents. All of these things are great, and they do work out very well for some students. However, you may be wondering if the charter school route is right for your child, who is enrolled in special education.

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