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Autism Archives

Bullying Special Education Students Spotlighted in New Documentary

Bullying is a problem for many children who are eligible for special education services, whether it is due to a physically apparent disability or by the fact that the child is accessing related services. Many of these children can find themselves at the mercy of a bully just for being different. A new documentary "Bully," releasing on April 13, looks at the problem of bullying in school and two of the stories follow concern two special education students.

Autism Rises to 1 in 88 Students

Students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders can be eligible for special education services through their local school districts under the criteria of Autism. School districts have recently faced a strain on providing special education related services and supports with nation-wide budget cuts. It is expected that this budget will become even more strained as children diagnosed with Autism has recently grown.

Autism Spectrum Disorder DSM V Proposed Diagnostic Criteria

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - 5 is expected to be released in 2013. The new manual defines the definition of Autism. This expected change in language is expected to be extremely controversial. Much of the controversy involves the issue of whether fewer children would meet the new criteria for autism. Some experts suggest that the new criteria would exclude 80% of those children who are currently diagnosable. Others suggest that there would be no difference in the number of children diagnosed.

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