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Is My Child Eligible For Special Education Services?

A child's unique needs can manifest themselves in multiple different varieties. One specific child may have difficulty maintaining attention while in class, which can subsequently affect his/her academic progress, and create a need for special education services. Another child may have difficulty with auditory processing, which may be affecting his/her ability to understand teacher instruction or directives, and subsequently create a need for special education support. Another child may have difficulty interacting with peers, or be exhibiting signs of depression in school, which can subsequently affect his/her ability to progress with regard to their social emotional present level of performance, and also create a need for special education services.

Listed above are just a few different examples of what may drive a Student's need for special education services and support. Federal law requires that school district's assess any child who may be suspected of having a disability. If your child is struggling either academically, behaviorally, or with regard to social-emotional progress in the school setting, it may be in your best interest to request a special education assessment for your child. At the very least this assessment will provide your family with additional information regarding your child and why they may be struggling within the school environment.

Following the completion of this assessment, the school district will be required to hold an IEP meeting at which you will be able to ask questions and voice any concerns you may have with regard to your child's progress, academic placement, or special education services. This process as a whole can be a very valuable tool in understanding the unique needs of your specific child.

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