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Nonpublic School Placement: When Does My Child Need It?

Your child has not shown progress through his or her current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) placement. Is he or she ready for a nonpublic school placement?

According to the CA Alliance of Children & Family Services, nonpublic schools are privately operated, publicly funded schools that specialize in providing educational services for students with needs so exceptional that they cannot be met in a public school setting. A nonpublic school usually has a contract with your school district and must follow the same IDEA laws as any public school, so your child's IEP will still be honored at a nonpublic placement.

Making progress?

If your child is unable to progress in his or current setting, it may be time to seek placement at a nonpublic school.

Sometimes your child's failed progress is more obvious than others. Your child may be skipping school because he or she suffers anxiety at a large school. Your child may be suffering injuries because the current plan can't control his or her self-injurious behaviors. Other times, your child's IEP may incorrectly be showing progress, but he or she is actually falling behind in crucial academic areas like math, reading, and writing. Whatever the case, your IEP Team is required to consider placement at a nonpublic school.

Convincing your IEP Team that nonpublic is the right fit?

It may be difficult to convince your IEP Team that a nonpublic school is the least restrictive environment for your child. Schools have an obligation to educate a child in the least restrictive environment which usually means educating him or her with students without special needs. And nonpublic schools usually include mostly students with special education needs. However, if you believe your child needs a different environment to progress and your school refuses, you should contact an attorney to find out if this is the right path for your child.

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