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Special Needs, Hard Times

California Lawyer Magazine recently published an article in their September, 2012 edition regarding special education and the challenges many families face. Augustin Egelsee L.L.P. was featured in this article.

The article focuses on a student within the Gilroy Unified School District and the challenges faced by him and his family. Ben was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. He struggled with many challenges, including trouble understanding basic playground games, impulsive behavior, striking out at others and having socially inappropriate behavior. He was provided a full time 1:1 aide and spent about 80% of his time in a mainstream 1st grade classroom. Eventually, the district replaced Ben's contract aide that was costing the district $35,000 per year, with a district aide which was eventually replaced by another aide.

Ben's behavior went downhill in the months that followed this change, where he became more aggressive and less cooperative. He spent more time in the safe room and less time in the classroom. His behavior in the home became very troubling. After the family obtained legal counsel, Ben received a full psycho-educational evaluation and was eventually placed within a residential treatment center to address his unique needs. The Gilroy Unified School District also agreed to implement additional special education training to their staff.

Augustin Egelsee L.L.P. was also featured in this article. Parents of special needs children can often times find themselves unsure of how to address their child's educational needs. The process can be emotional and overwhelming. Seeking the advice of a special education attorney can often times be exactly what a family needs to fully understand their child's needs and what educational services are appropriate, including the possibility of a 1:1 aide.

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